Karate Fighter App Reviews

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Not Bad

Pretty good, use the d pad though


Reminds me of that old arcade game, Kung Fu! Overall this game is pretty good. Devs, if you are listening, please make this game compatible with iCADE. That would be absolutely perfect!!

Good throwback

This was a pretty good homage to the old school Kung fu fighter game!

It's ok

I can't get past the past the last level

Kungfu game.

Omg I missed this game. Great fun.!!! This will stay on my iPod forever! Thank you!

Flawless remake of nes Kungfu

Great retro gameplay for fans of the classic game. Like the 3d backgrounds.

I hate it

You probably will hate it

Keeps getting better and better

Nice - If you are a fan of side scroller action games then this is for you. I love it. Great Kung Fu game.

Raw Kung Fu app

i Iike this app a remake of the original Kung Fu on the I pod touch just awesome but think it would be even better if it had a update for a big D pad control but besides that it still a great app *

Kung Fu Master Yes!

You want the old school game Kung Fu Master this is it or the Nintard Kung Fu. This game is it Nintard is to worried about the DS they will never port. If you want the old school game. THIS IS IT!!

Great game

Simple and fun! Controls are easy to use.

Excellent Remake of the Original

This is just a terrific version of the 1984 arcade hit "Kung Fu Master". The update includes a newer version which is just as fun as the very true to original retro version. My seven year old daughter loves it as much as her 42 daddy. This game really brings me back to the golden age of arcade. Kung Fu Master and Yie Ar Kung Fu are the basis for all the subsequent fighter games. GO BUY THIS GAME!! Well worth it at twice the price.

Great Kung-Fu Clone

Fun game that has room to grow, Future updates could make this game a 5/5. Classic gameplay.

Classic gameplay meets innovative controls

This game offers a well know, rock-solid arcade beat-em-up experience with some good controls well suited for the device. By separating the directions of movements and blows into separate keys, the game allows very fast reactions to enemy attacks, very much needed since it can get quite tough! However, a traditioanl d-pad with single contextual button is also available to satisfy who prefers traditional controls. The game has three difficulty levels and an online leaderboard in order to effectively increase the replay value. All in all, a great package well worth the price, possibly the best side-scroller beat-em-up on the platform.

Great start

What a blast from the past! One of my favorite games as a kid on my iPhone. A d-pad is an update must. If you did that I would change my rating. But, as of now the control scheme is awful. Looking forward to an update.


I loved this game back in the day. It even has a little blood in it when you kick an enemy now. You can definately get used to these controls with some practice but i think an optional d-pad is a must for better reaction time. An in game pause button would be nice also but overall a pretty good old school game here.

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